m. blaise willis, bios and visual and dramatic arts, class of 2022
creation myth, ink on paper
familiar space, ink on paper

“familiar space is an ink drawing of my old room from louisiana, pretty clear throwback for me. my brother moved into my room and totally rearranged and repainted it after i moved out, so that drawing is one of the only reminders i have of how it looked when i lived there. it’s a bit bittersweet.

creation myth is a “constellation” piece done from the interpretation of an ink splatter on paper, which gave me the idea of a creation myth in which two “celestial guardians” do battle before the Planck era just after the Big Bang. The victory of the guardian of matter defeats that of antimatter, allowing our universe to exist as it is.  

matter and antimatter, which have equal mass but opposite charges, annihilate upon contact to produce gamma rays. the Big Bang should have produced equal amounts of the two, but if that were the case, then all of it should have been destroyed as soon as it was created, leaving the universe an empty sea of photons. clearly that didn't happen, as everything we observe and interact with on a daily basis consists entirely of matter. cosmologists estimate that the Big Bang produced approximately one extra particle of matter per billion, resulting in the matter-filled universe we now inhabit. how can we account for this asymmetry? we don't know for sure, but some physicists have suggested quantum fluctuations, variations in the weak nuclear interaction, and "unknown forces at play." in this piece titled creation myth, i imagine these ‘unknown forces’ as two cosmic entities doing battle in a sea of annihilating quarks the instant after the Big Bang, the outcome of which would determine that one per billion majority - and whether the resulting universe would be the one as we know it or its anti-image.”