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alexander slinkman, visual and dramatic arts and sports management, class of 2022

“i’m a hip-hop/rap artist from richmond, virginia who’s now based in houston because of my attendance at rice university. i’m a sophomore; and vada/sport management major with a minor in business who represents rice in competition as a pole vaulter for the track & field team. i’ve been making music for about 2 ½ years. my passion for lyric writing developed after my friends and i started making silly rap songs for fun. i had always enjoyed creative writing, but experimenting with this new form of expression quickly spiraled into an obsession for outdoing myself and becoming the best i could be. to further my understanding of what i was doing i jumped headfirst into the world of hip-hop, studying my idols and developing my style. to further the quality of my sound i am always seeking knowledge regarding audio production and sound engineering. music has helped me through many moments of my life, and i look back on my discography as an audio chronicalization of my life. every time i listen to one of my songs, it brings back the emotions and thoughts of who i was. through this I learn and grow.”

cellophane: “my most popular song to date with over 110K streams; details my observations of superficial people and relationships that surrounded me during my highschool years. the analogy is that i can see through them like their skin is made of cellophane.” [lyrics]

shadows on my wall: “most popular amongst peers here at rice. describes how i handled having my heart broken by one of my first loves, and how i learned from my ignorance of how some people approach relationships.” [lyrics]

solitude: “i wrote this one during a time of heavy depression, and i was reflecting on what keeps me sane and happy.” [lyrics]

“i have more singles and projects coming soon.

Next EP: the MURDER of ERATO

First Album: PSYCH

i’m going to promote the shit out of PSYCH. it will be know across campus. i’ve been developing a plan to market my music for some time because i truly desire to turn this into a career. nothing else (besides pole vaulting) interests me.”

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2G2sNNQVZI39phfVwUWeuv